It is the most exciting change to our school, since we moved into our new school in Dec 2009. We are hoping to save over 800 000 litres of treated water each year, because when we were working on our water conservation green flag, we figured out that 80% of our water usage, was toilet flushing. Now we are flushing RAINWATER!!!!!! We are so lucky on the green team to be in a school where the Board of Management are so supportive of our green projects, and they have worked so hard to install this project. We hope to have saved the money it has cost, by saving on metered water bills, over 5-6 years. After that, we are actually saving money, water and living much more ethically. Thank you Board of Management for working so hard on the project.

The cement base for the rainwater harvesting tank was constructed a few days before Christmas, by Brian Kirby, Pat Connaghan, Brian Hudner, Bob Allen and Ann Marie.

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