Fáilte roimh go léir agus tar isteach chun breathnú timpeall na scoile!
It is my pleasure to welcome you to our website, through which we hope you will find evidence of the aspects of our school culture that we hold dear.

Our school culture and ethos are the backbone of the school, around which we structure the learning experiences, the sporting life, the scientific exploration, the drama and music experiences and the social engagement of our children. The canon of work that contributes to the holistic development of each individual child jumps out from this website, so have a look and admire the children’s enthusiasm, joy and creativity.

Tá suil agam to bhfaighidh sibh gach rud á lorg agaibh. Mar a deireann na páistí….Is Feidir Linn!

(príomhoide na scoile)


Principal, Monkstown Educate Together

Our Ethical Programme

METNS is a happy environment for our students, and all staff are committed to making it a safe, nurturing place where pupils feel included and valued.

We have our own ethical programme which is explored in a number a ways including: weekly assemblies; engagement with different religious and cultural celebrations; opportunities for ethical, moral and spiritual development; and a school-wide focus on specific values each month.

Positive Behaviour

We are committed to our Positive Behaviour Policy and use restorative practice as a means of addressing issues with pupils. We are proactive in teaching about bullying and fostering a spirit of support and respect among our students.

We use several programmes designed to support the development of these values and the creation of solid friendships. Some of these are listed in our Anti-Bullying Policy along with further strategies for supporting vulnerable students.

Our Commitment to the Environment

We have been awarded five Green Flags, and our green school policy is at the heart of how we run our school. Children are encouraged to become actively involved in our green team, and are key to the dissemination of information about green issues to the wider community. We encourage everyone to actively and thoughtfully:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle waste;
  • Conserve energy and water;
  • Walk, cycle or park-and-stride to school;
  • Look after the outdoor environment, and value the biodiversity we encounter there.

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