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MCA – Who we are and what we do!

METNS is proud to boast a community where pupils, parents and staff collaborate and work together for the better of our children. A high level of parental involvement is a key feature of our school, which makes it a very special place for us all.

Every parent/guardian who has a child in the school is automatically a member of the METNS Community Association (MCA). The MCA committee is a group of enthusiastic, energetic people who want to help make METNS the best it can be by fundraising for the school and organising events to foster community spirit. The committee is made up of approximately 10-15 parents/guardians and a staff representative, who meet up once a month and get involved in a wide range of activities in the school. This includes organising Grandparents Day, Monthly Coffee Mornings, The Winter Fair, ECAs, Workshops for Parents/Guardians and for Children, The Book Fair, Fundraising Events, Social Nights, Movie Night, Culture Night, METNS Big Picnic and much, much more as well as supporting the school in every way it can.

Parents/guardians are nominated at the annual METNS AGM. By this stage, each class has nominated a class representative at the start of the school year, who is the main point of contact with the MCA liaison. The MCA Chair liaises regularly with the school Principal and the Chair of the Board of Management to assist with various initiatives and to help build general communication within the school community.

How To Get Involved

The MCA Committee is a great way to get involved in school activities and ultimately to support all our children together. Membership is open to all parents and guardians at METNS. The MCA are always open to new members, so if you are interested and would like to get involved, even in a small way with any of the below, please email

  • Creating school fun and culture days
  • Organising creative activities for children
  • Fundraising for school resources
  • Organising coffee mornings
  • Inputting to school policy
  • Organising extra curricular activities
  • Supporting parents/guardians in the school
  • Inviting speakers to address parents/guardians on topical issues
  • Other community building ideas that contribute to the METNS community

MCA Committee 2020/21

Dave Spencer – Chair of the MCA
Sarah Taylor – MCA Liaison
Emer Bergin – MCA Staff Representative
Adèle Ryan – MCA Secretary
Trish Howard
Bridget Cunningham – MCA Class Rep Liaison
Sara Keating
Caragh Egan
Conor O’Reilly – MCA Treasurer
Annie Lang Balogh
Miguel Kelly
Sharon Fuller – MCA Parent Representative
Naoise Wilkinson

Meet the MCA Committee

Dave Spencer is Chair of the MCA. He is father to Sam (1B), Maisie (SIB) and Eoin (Graduated from METNS 2009). He is a stay at home Dad.

Sarah Taylor is mum to Nathan (5B) and Alannah (2B). She is a member of the Board of Management and is the MCA Liaison. She is a full time Montessori teacher.

Emer Bergin is the staff representative on the MCA. She works as a Special Education Teacher (SET) in the school. She is mum to Levi MacAulay (2B) and to Aela MacAulay (coming soon to METNS!)

Adèle Ryan is mum of Leo (JIA) Mia (2B) and Leila (4A) and a doggy mum to Drax. She is Secretary to the MCA and a manager in the Civil Service.

Trish Howard is mum to Senan and Oscar in 1A and 1B respectively. She is a psychotherapist working with adult and perinatal mental health in private, charitable and educational settings.

Bridget Cunningham is mum to Leila (2B). Her role on the MCA is as Class Rep Liaison (so she’s the one sending all the communications to the Class Reps, who then in turn inform the parents from their individual classes). She works as Market Access Manager for a pharmaceutical company.

Sara Keating is mum to Milo (3B), Solomon (1B) and Lucy, who cannot wait to go to METNS. She is a writer and cultural journalist, and Writer in Residence for DLR libraries 2020-2021.

Caragh Egan is mum to Theo (5B), Toby (3A) and Aoibhín (1A). She is a stay at home mum and yoga teacher.

Conor O’Reilly is Treasurer with the MCA. He is father to Hannah (1A) and Alice (3A). He is a stay at home Dad.

Annie Lang Balogh is a mum of Fionn (1A) and George (JIA). At the moment stays at home with the boys.

Miguel Kelly, is dad to Freya (1B), Yasmin 4 (soon to be METNS!!) and Romy (almost 1). He works for a credit card acquiring company as a financial analyst.

Sharon Fuller is mum of Cian (1B) and Sam (JIB). She is a parent representative on the MCA and a Sponsorship Manager at PwC.

Naoise Wilkinson joined the MCA this year. She is currently a stay at home Mum to Alannah (SIB) and to future METNS pupils Leah and Cara.

MCA News

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