Sixth Class A & B took a trip to Science Blast in the RDS on Wednesday 4th March.

Our project in 6A was; ‘Can you power a toy car using sustainable energy?’ We were in groups of five and each displayed a poster showing our work, and we also had our cars on display with a roadway for people to try them all out.

We had to have a team of people on the stall all the time for when the judges came around and when the judges came, they asked loads of questions and we had to explain everything we had done.

When we were there we also saw numerous other projects such as; ‘Are skyscrapers built to last?’, ‘Which coke is worse for your teeth?’ and much more.

There were also lots of live shows where they showed us lots of experiments.
Opposite the shows we also got to participate in many cool scientific exhibitions like virtual reality, nail beds and real world animation.

Lastly, we received an award for our project from the judges and they gave us really good feedback and praised our project.

It was a great day and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Report written by Annabel W, Rhea, Ava and Simon

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