Our programme for learning follows the principles of the Primary School Curriculum, 1999, Department of Education and Science, National Council for Curriculum and Assessment. Further information on children’s learning for parents can be found at ‘The What, Why, When and Where of Childrens’ Learning in Primary School’ ( www.ncca.ie).

Our school plan is a statement of the educational philosophy of our school, its aims and how it proposes to achieve them. It outlines both curriculum objectives and methodologies and the organisation of the school’s resources, including staff, space, facilities, equipment, time and finance. Our plan covers two main sections, namely curricular and organisational planning. The first outlines the curriculum to be implemented in the school. The second describes a range of policies and practices which largely have to do with the administrative aspects of school life.

Formulation of our school plan is an on-going process and the plan itself is a working document with expert input from teachers, parents, pupils, outside professionals and agencies. It requires regular updating and review in line with DES initiatives and circulars.  An example of this is the introduction of the new Primary Language Curriculum, currently available for infants to second class and available for all other classes from 2018.

Curricular Planning Includes:

  • An individual plan for each subject area taught
  • METNS School Self Evaluation Reports for  years 2012-2015

Organisational Planning Includes:

  • A range of policies on different organisational and procedural aspects of school administration, e.g. Child Protection, Positive Behaviour, Enrolment, Health and Safety, Anti- Bullying, etc.
  • For a comprehensive list of METNS policies see here


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