The primary goal of the Board of Management is to ensure that the school is managed in a manner that provides all its pupils with the best possible education and ensuring a child-centred approach is taken in all decision making.

The Board provides leadership and ensures effective management of the school, within an agreed school budget and a framework of accountability on behalf of the patron, the Dalkey School Project Executive.

Members of the Board also liaise with other committees involved with the School, such as the MCA, the patron body (the Dalkey School Project Executive), and Educate Together, which is the umbrella organisation for Multi-Denominational Schools.

Our Board of Management is made up of eight people – our Chairperson, Principal, and representatives of our Patron, parents/guardians, teachers, and the wider METNS community.


The responsibilities of the Board include:

  • Ensuring the quality of pupil learning
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Ensuring the high quality of teaching
  • Developing and reviewing the school plan & self- evaluation
  • Developing school policies & procedures
  • School Finances
  • Upholding the Ethos
  • Health & Safety
  • Child Protection
  • Building & Maintenance


Current Board Members

Simon Egan

Chairperson - Patron Nominee

Karen Geraghty

MCA Liaison - Parent Nominee

James McColgan

Treasurer - Patron Nominee

David Wilkinson

Parent Nominee

AnnMarie Kenrick

Principal - Ex Officio

Adrian Mulryan

Community Representative

Victoria Stuart

Teacher Nominee

Kevin Meany

Community Representative

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