The B.O.M. has overall responsibility for the school, including finance, maintenance, staffing, and the development of the school’s plans and policies. The Board comprises of two direct nominees of the patron, two elected parents/guardians (one male, one female), the principal; one teacher elected by the teaching staff, and two further members proposed by these nominees. The patron appoints the chairperson of the board. The term of office for the Board of Management is 4 years. 


METNS BoM Committee 2015-2019

  • Noelita Lane Patron nominee/ Chairperson to the Board
  • Rosario Kealy Principal/ Secretary to the Board of Management
  • Stephen Young Patron nominee /Treasurer
  • Paul Mulhern Community rep/ Buildings and Maintenance – Health and Safety (liaise with David Jennings)
  • Deirdre O’Shea Teacher nominee / Ethos
  • David Jennings Parent rep/ Recording Secretary (years 1 and 2) – PTA Liaison (years 3 and 4)- Health and Safety (liaise with Paul Mulhern)
  • Natasha Kearns Parent Rep/ PTA Liaison (years 1 and 2) – Recording Secretary (years 3 and 4)
  • Alice Lawless Community rep/ Enrolment -Ethos

Rosario Kealy

Principal and Secretary to the BOM

 I have been teaching at METNS since it opened in 1997. I was deputy principal for 11 years before I became principal in 2008. While I have been principal the school has moved into its current building and grown in numbers to a two stream school with approx 450 pupils.  My two children are past pupils of METNS.


Noelita Lane


I have one child in the school in 4th class and another who is a METNS graduate. We moved to the new premises here in IADT campus when my son was in junior infants. I was a class rep that year, later I spent two years on the PTA and was also involved in The Little Big Ask fundraising initiative. 



Stephen Young

BOM Treasurer

I have two boys in 3rd class and am always happy to lift, drag & carry for any school event!

I am a Chartered Accountant in practice.



Deirdre O’ Shea

BOM Staff Representative & Ethos Officer

 I have been teaching in METNS for eight years and recently completed a Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Management. I am currently teaching Senior Infants. I previously held the position of PTA Staff representative and INTO representative. I am a member of the METNS Ethos Committee and co-coordinate the Extracurricular Activities Programme in the school.


Natasha Kearns

BOM Representative to the PTA

 I have two daughters attending METNS, one in 5th and one in 3rd Class.  I have previously served a two year term on the PTA and I was one of the Class Reps last year for 1st Class. 


David Jennings

BOM Secretary

 I am a father of two girls in the school, one in 1st class and one in 4th class. I’ve been involved in the school community over the last number of years, from helping out with reading in the classroom, participating in school tours and clearing up popcorn after cinema night! I also helped to facilitate the ethos discussions and the editing of survey data for the school’s ethos policy. I work as an educational developer in a third level institution.


Paul Mulhern

BOM Community Representative & Buildings & Grounds Officer

I have a daughter in 3rd class.  We spent three years in Melbourne between 2012 and 2015 where I was heavily involved in school life such as classroom reading and assisting the management committee with buildings & grounds matters.  I am an architect working in Monkstown.

Alice Lawless

 I worked in the Bray School Project National School for thirty years as Deputy Principal. I’m very happy to contribute my experience to the BOM of METNS. I’m interested in all aspects of Irish education with particular interest in school ethos.

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