Catherine Earley

Monkstown Educate Together is very saddened by the untimely death of Catherine Earley. Catherine was an early supporter of Dalkey School Project N.S. which her children attended. A number of years later, despite having no vested interest, she also became involved in Monkstown Educate Together N.S. early on in its development. She served as both Enrolment Officer and Chairperson of the Board of Management for a full term in the early years of the school. In addition, she gave unstintingly of her time, energy, knowledge and advice to the then Principal Mary Stuart and the school team. Catherine also sat on the Board of Educate Together and served on the Board of Wicklow Educate Together Secondary School in its fledgling years.

These wonderful contributions to our community were just part of a bigger picture of activism and volunteerism in a number of sectors, which marked Catherine out as a very unique and impressive person. Her strong character seemed a force of nature at times. She was vibrant, engaging, enthusiastic, extraordinarily kind and always encouraging of others. She lived life to the full, finding pleasure in all aspects of her daily life. Catherine is survived by her husband William, daughters Miriam and Rachel and son Stephen, grandchildren, extended family and many, many friends including all of us here at Monkstown Educate Together. We extend our sympathies to those close to her and mourn her loss as an exceptional person and a wonderful and irreplaceable contributor to the story of our school and our community.

Rest well Catherine, we will miss you.

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