An Example Family Booking


My name is Mary Murphy. I’ve read and accept the ‘MCA ECA Guidelines’ and the ‘METNS Privacy Policy’. I have 3 wonderful children who I want to sign up for various ECAs:

  1. Jack, my youngest, is in 1ST CLASS and would like to try ‘Grand Piano & Music Theory’ on a MONDAY;
  2. Aine, my mini-me, is in 3RD CLASS and previously did ‘Yoga’ with Caragh on a TUESDAY – she would like to do it again; and
  3. Marco, my eldest, is in 6TH CLASS and loves ‘Hockey’ in Newpark on a MONDAY.

Marco already walks to and from school each day and so has my permission to:

  • Walk unsupervised from METNS at 2:15 PM to Newpark for Hockey at 3:00 PM; and
  • On days when Hockey is cancelled he can walk home from METNS at 2:15 PM as usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we apply for Financial Assistance?

METNS encourages all children to take part in the vital life of the school including after-school activities. Please do not let financial constraints prevent your child from participating in the MCA ECA programme.

You must use the online booking system to book your space in the MCA ECA programme! Following your completed booking, a member of staff will speak with you in confidence about your request for financial assistance.

Add your chosen ECA to your basket and proceed with your booking:

Enter ‘ASSISTANCE‘ (case-sensitive) in the discount code box:

Click ‘Apply’:

The total cost of your basket will be zeroed so you can proceed and confirm your booking without requiring payment.

A member of staff will speak with you in confidence about your request for financial assistance.

Where can we find our booking reference?

Your booking reference is 5 characters, e.g. NH2FN, and is displayed on the confirmation page of your booking:

You should also receive an email confirming your booking which includes your booking reference in the email subject and the main body of the email:

Your booking reference should always be included in any communications with the ECA Coordination Team.

What is the 'waiting list' and how does it work?

As always, there are limited places in many ECAs and places are offered on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis.

When an ECA is fully booked you will see a ‘Fully booked’ notice:

You can join the waiting list by clicking on ‘Join waiting list’ and entering your full name, email address, and mobile phone number:

If a space becomes available in a previously fully booked ECA, waiting list processing will automatically begin and the people on the waiting list will be emailed in order. Note that on launch day the delay time is managed automatically by the system in order offer spaces as efficiently as possible and to account for ‘abandoned’ baskets, etc.

If you receive an email offering you a space we suggest you act fast! After the delay time has passed the space will be offered to the next person on the waiting list – until the place is filled.

Waiting List Clarification: If you are on the waiting list and receive an email offering you a space please be aware that the space is not guaranteed until you enter the booking process and check out.

How many spaces are available in each ECA?

There are a different number of spaces available in each ECA. Once you click on an ECA the number of spaces (still) available will be clearly visible:

When there are no spaces available you can join the waiting list for the ECA:

How do we cancel an activity on our booking?

Ticket cancellation may be available.

If enabled, you can cancel booked activities individually by clicking the ‘View booking’ link in your confirmation email:

You will be brought to an online view of your booking:

Click ‘Ticket Options’ on the ECA you wish to cancel:

Click ‘Cancel ticket’ and confirm you wish to cancel the ECA ticket:

Your ‘ticket’ for the chosen ECA is now cancelled:

Simply repeat the above steps to cancel more ECA tickets.

We request that you reach out to the ECA Coordination Team to ensure any refund due is processed in a timely manner.

Can we transfer to another activity?

No. Due to the reduced capacity of the ECA programme this term, we cannot facilitate transferring to another activity.

We think we're due a refund - what do we do and when will we be refunded?

If you have cancelled an ECA ticket then you are most likely due a refund. We request that you reach out to the ECA Coordination Team to ensure any refund due is processed in a timely manner.

We use Stripe to process all card payments and once a refund is processed on our end via Stripe the refund requests to your bank or card issuer immediately. Depending upon the bank or card issuer, you should see the refund as a credit approximately 5-10 business days later.

Some refunds – those issued shortly after the original charge – appear in the form of a reversal instead of a refund. In the case of a reversal, the original charge drops off your statement, and a separate credit is not issued.

We have a question / problem, how do we contact the ECA Coordination Team?

We have chosen to use Google Forms to streamline queries / support requests for the ECA online booking system.

By completing the Google Form you give us permission to use any contact details you provide – typically your email address and mobile phone number – to assist you.

Before filling out the form please ensure you have the following to hand:

  • Your Email Address;
  • Your Mobile Phone Number;
  • Your Booking Reference if related to an existing booking; and
  • Full details of any notices or error messages!

ECA related queries or support requests should be submitted via the ECA Coordination Team Google Form.

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