The Story of Monkstown Educate Together
By Second Class

To celebrate our school’s tenth birthday second class decided to learn all about the history of METNS. We gathered information by interviewing Special Needs Assistant Caro Condon and Deputy Principal Rosario Kealy. We recorded this information on a timeline. We really loved learning about our school and we learned lots of interesting new facts.

Jill Steer’s Great Idea: There were not enough places for all the children in Dalkey School Project. Jill Steer decided to start a campaign for a new school.

The Steering Committee talked a lot: Supporters of the new school campaign met and formed a steering committee. They discussed all the things needed to start a new school.

1997: Location, Location, Location! : One of the most important things needed was a good site to build the school on. Luckily a wonderful spot in Monkstown was found.

Money Money Money: Schools aren’t cheap! There were a lot of cake sales, fairs and raffles to raise money. People were very generous.

1997-The Building Starts: In 1997 the building began and the first portacabin arrived. Block A where Junior and Senior infants are today was the very first part of our school.

The First Day Ever: In September 1997 the very first children arrived at METNS. It was a very special day for everyone. Principal Mary Stuart and Morgan Lennon were very excited and very proud.

A tight squeeze: The school was very small when it first opened. There were only three teachers in two classrooms. People had to make do. Eilis Kendlins little room was used as the Principals office, the staff room and even where Caro’s baby slept!

A Growing School: Thank goodness the school became bigger. Each year the school grew and more and more portacabins were needed.

A Special Visitor:  Micheal Martin came to visit our school. He was the Minister for Education at the time. He thought that our school was great and offered us his support.

A Special Year for Second Class: It was around this time that the boys and girls in second class were born! But it would be another four years before we would come to METNS.

A Fallen Landmark: Our class never saw the big tree. It was cut down before we came to school. But we love to play on the logs that are left behind.

Our First Day: When METNS was just six years old we came to school for the first time. Eilis Kendlin was our teacher and we have lots of happy memories – especially singing the pancake song!

We’re A Green School!: Anne Marie Kenrick and the Green school committee taught us how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We were awarded our Green Flag in 2006. It was a wonderful day!

Good News At Last: In 2007 Mary Hannifin, the Minister for Education visited our school. She had some very good news for us. Our new school was being built. To celebrate we had a sponsored walk to the new site.

Under Construction: The builders are busy at work so that our new school will be ready for next year. We all get very excited when we drive by and see the tractors and JCB’s working hard. We really can’t wait to see our new dream school. Ten years is a long wait but we think it will be worth it!

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