We are the current METNS 6th Class


6A - Donal Patterson - 2019/20


6B - Chrissie Stokes - 2019/20

We are fundraising to create a hangout space within our school yard, to be used by 6th class every year.

It is to be named “Samuel’s Space” in memory of one of our classmates, who sadly passed away this year.

Our hope is for the whole school to come together and have fun partaking in our “Samuel’s Space Ice Bucket Challenge”, to coincide with Sports Day on Friday 12th June 2020!

Instructions for Video

  1. Watch sample videos (below) – these show what needs to be done
  2. Use WhatsApp to film and forward your video
  3. Film in Portrait – it makes it easier if all of the filming is done the same way
  4. Get some cold, or preferably icy(!), water at the ready
  5. Say ‘Here’s to you, Samuel’ and then pour the water over yourself – or get someone else to pour over you, or for younger classes – they get to douse someone else… like a parent! (The very young classes may not like the water being poured over their head, so just pouring it over their clothes or pouring it over someone else is fine – it should all be a bit of fun – not stressful for anyone!)
  6. You can nominate someone else at the end of your video – but this is entirely optional – you can also just get stuck in!! You don’t have to be nominated to do the challenge, and you don’t have to nominate anyone else to do the challenge – just doing the challenge is enough!
  7. The video needs to be short – so ideally 10 to a maximum of 20 seconds – no need to record in super-high 4K quality as this will result in a giant file size to share.
  8. Remember – this does not need to be perfect – it’s fun… all mistakes and laughter add to the character!
  9. And, importantly… please get sponsorship by forwarding the donate link… Go Fund Me – “Samuel’s Space” Fundraiser then you can widen the joy by sending your production on to those family and friends who sponsored you.
  10. But, most importantly – laugh uproariously and enjoy every second!

Donate to "Samuel's Space"

Sample Videos

Send Your Video

Ice Bucket Challenge 2020

Note: Please ensure you have read and followed the video instructions (above) before sending your video.

We’re using a Dropbox ‘file request‘ to collect videos. You do not need a Dropbox account to upload videos. When you’re ready to go, click the button below!

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