An Taisce run a Green Flag programme to encourage all schools in Ireland to work towards environmental care and sustainability. It is one of the most successful initiatives ever brought into the education system.

We joined the programme in 2003, and have earned 5 flags to date.  These are the themes we followed:



We worked on the theme of RRR – Reduce, Re-use, Re-cycle


We worked on the theme of Energy Savings


We looked at Water conservation which actually led to the school introducing Rainwater Harvesting for the entire school, in 2014. We knew it was a good idea, but we had to wait until the supporting technology was safe enough for the system to be introduced into a school environment. We had to wait until the company could guarantee us that the water from the harvesting system was 100% safe, although it is only used for flushing the toilets and washing hands. Our drinking water is still coming from the main water supply.


We took a year to concentrate on building and creating the school garden.


We worked on Transport and WOW’ed a lot! ( Walk on Wednesday) We have continued to encourage to walk, scoot or cycle to school, or at the least, to park a little bit away and walk the rest.


We followed the theme of Biodiversity all around the school. We build bug hotels, planted butterfly gardens and built bird-boxes.


We took a year to review all 5 flag themes, as most of the children in the school, were not there when we had won the flags.


we are currently working on Litter and Waste, with the extra dimension of Global Citizenship.

Our plans for this year are to work on reducing our waste going to landfill. We have started a blue tissue reduction, and each class is really trying to reduce the waste of the tissue, and therefore, the volume of waste generated.

We are also looking at FairTrade as part of the global Citizen dimension. We are studying the concept of Fair trade through great you Tube videos of Fair trade projects in action. We hope to encourage the school community to buy Fair Trade, bananas, coffee, tea, chocolate, footballs etc.

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