Harry Oakley is in 6A. His grandfather, Tom, has a special job. He grows fir trees on a small holding near the Slaney river in Co. Carlow. His forest is full of Nordmann Firs, which are admired for their symmetrical shape, natural scent and glossy needles.
Tom has steadily become a household name in the hearts and homes of our METNS Community. Last year, Tom’s Trees sold over 90 Christmas Trees on the METNS website and raised over 2,000 euro for new equipment in our children’s classrooms. A 10% donation was also made to Focus Ireland.
Please note that all trees will already be netted for ease of transport home & it thus won’t be possible to see the trees on full display at the collection point. In the unlikely event you’re unable to find a suitable tree on your chosen collection day, we are happy to refund your order.
Trees can be collected on:
  • Sunday 4th December from 11a.m.-12pm
  • Wednesday 7th December from 7pm-8pm
  • Friday 9th December from 7pm-8pm
2022 Price Increase
Regular customers will note that Tom’s Trees prices have increased slightly this year.  The  bad news is that organic fertiliser, netting and diesel have all tripled in cost. In the broader Christmas Tree market, trees of Tom’s quality are charging 10 euro per foot. So the good news is that METNS customers still receive a very competitive deal.
If there is any METNS family who needs support to afford a tree this year please email mca@metns.ie in confidence and a member of our team will be in touch.
Tom’s Trees Photo Gallery
Thank you for all your photo submissions! We created a gallery of all the Tom’s Trees in the METNS Community – take a look at the METNS Galleries page!

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