Winter Scene
Every year pupils in the school are invited to design their own winter celebration card. Each card will have an individual picture designed by your child that depicts their traditional celebration or celebratory event.
The template for your child’s design has been sent home from school. Each template has a unique ID number that’s linked to your child’s design. Please use this ID number when ordering your cards. If your child has not received a template please download a blank template.
The printed cards are A6 (148 x 105 mm) in size and will be blank inside to be filled with your own personal message. Your child’s name, class and the METNS logo will be on the back. Cards will be sold in packs of 10 with envelopes.

Cards are priced on a sliding scale, making it easier for families to buy at least one pack for each of their children – €9.50 for first pack, €9 for the second pack, €8.50 for the third pack and €7 for all subsequent packs:

  • E.g. 4 packs cost €34 (= €9.50 + €9 + €8.50 + €7)


What are we fundraising for?
The MCA has designated the proceeds from these cards for classroom resources and the completion of the new sound system and stage enhancements for the hall.
Need a new picture template?
No problem – you can download a blank template! Please make sure to include your original unique ‘Picture ID’, ‘Class’ and pupil ‘Name’ in the blank fields.

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