Our value of the month at METNS is positivity. We focus on positivity to get the year off to the best possible start!  We are also feeling really positive about the fact that our school community is celebrating our 20th birthday this year.  That is really something to smile about!

What is positivity?

Positivity is about having a positive and optimistic attitude to life.  It is looking on the bright side, expecting something good to happen and focussing on how you can achieve a good outcome from a situation, even a difficult one.

A value is a principle that guides your thinking and behaviour.  How does positivity do this?

Being positive makes you feel good inside and helps you to use your strengths to solve problems. Positive people shine and bring energy and enthusiasm to daily life. As Junior Infants and Seniors Infants all know, positive people are bucket fillers!

Make it your goal to shine with positivity this month!  Even when the going gets tough try to work for the best outcome.

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