Our values of the month at METNS are kindness and empathy. We continue to focus on the key relationships in our lives and on ways to make our relationships with others more positive.

Why Kindness and Empathy Matter

Kindness and Empathy are crucial components of positive relationships as they provide the basis for deep understanding, concern and connection.

What is kindness? What is empathy? We use insights to explore these values from the ‘Weaving Well-being’ Programme we are piloting in our school this year.

Having kindness means thinking of other people and of how you can help them and contribute to making their lives more positive.

Empathy is the ability to see things from another person’s perspective.  A metaphor often used for this (and one we will use with the children) is ‘walking in another’s shoes’ and viewing the world through their eyes.

Kindness, Empathy and our School

Kindness and Empathy can be developed and nurtured in warm and supportive environments and both are recognised as core values in the METNS community.

A value is a principle that guides your thinking and behaviour.  How might a focus on kindness and empathy do this?  Acting with kindness and empathy fosters co-operation and promotes positive social bonds.  Together these values fine tune us into the world of others and enable us to see and to appreciate the uniqueness of each person’s experience. The many benefits of kindness and empathy include an increased sense of accomplishment, confidence, optimism and usefulness.  It can increase awareness of good fortune and provide a distraction from personal problems. 

Make it your Goal this March to Foster Kindness and Empathy

This month, try to listen actively to others and to observe their behaviour and body language.  Try to be non-judgemental and kind. 

Remember also to ask, ‘In what ways can I be kinder to myself?’ Treat yourself as you would treat a close friend, with empathy and understanding.

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