Our value of the month is ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind‘. We focus on what it means to be healthy and to have a balanced life-style. This value will underpin many of the proposed other activities for our pupils this month, with a special focus on Fridays in June. There will be two active Fridays in the Month of June, Friday 5th and Friday 19th – while Friday 12th will be our special online Sports Day, with a menu of events and activities. Throughout the month, the METNS team will send the children a wide range of fun and engaging suggestions to keep them active and energised. Please, let us know how you get on.

Why ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’ Matters

Research shows that there is a definite link between a healthy body and a happy mind and that keeping our bodies healthy has a huge impact on both our well-being, positive emotions and mental health. Keeping fit, healthy and energetic reduces anxiety and stress, increases quality of life and reduces the risk of many diseases.

What does a balanced life-style mean? A balanced life-style allows space for work and for play, for activity and for relaxation. A balanced diet of healthy and nutritious food also plays an essential part.

‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’ and our School

We introduce ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’ as part of the SPHE programme strand ‘Myself – Taking Care of My Body’. The children learn that each individual has some responsibility for his/her health and that this responsibility increases, as he/she gets older. They also learn to understand and appreciate what it means to be healthy and to have a balanced life-style.

In the Weaving Wellbeing Programme, ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’ is introduced as one of the key contributing factors to positive emotions. The children explore links between keeping their bodies healthy and their personal well-being.

A value is a principle that guides your thinking and behaviour. How might a focus on Healthy Body, Happy Mind do this? Practical steps like eating healthy food, moving our bodies and getting enough sleep are easy to incorporate into our everyday lives and have a huge impact. Finding the balance between work and play, action and rest is an on-going challenge, but one that is well worth undertaking and of particular importance in our current context.

Make it your Goal this June to embrace a balanced life-style.

This month, decide to make self-care and balance a priority. Be kind to yourself and remember that you cannot pour from an empty cup. Embrace the outdoors and outdoor activities with your family as the fine weather continues. Partake in as many activities you can as a family and join in the fun! ‘Healthy Body, Happy Mind’ reminds us all that by keeping our bodies healthy, we feel happier!

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