Over the month of March, 1st Class B were visited every Wednesday by Sara Keating who read us the story ‘The Legend of Kevin’. We loved the story and were so lucky that Sara volunteered to come in and read the story for us. We completed tasks every week to accompany the story. We created our own characters, comic strips and a map to show the magical world we created for our characters.  Sara was organising the mountains to sea festival and she invited the authors of the book, Philip Reeves and Sarah McIntyre, to visit the Pavilion theatre. We were so excited!

Last Friday, 1st Class A and B, and 2nd Class A took a trip to the Pavilion to go and meet the authors. We had such a fun day. Philip and Sarah were so entertaining and some of us got to get up on stage and partake in fun games. Sarah taught everybody how to draw a sea monkey. We had a great day. Thank you to Sara Keating for organising everything!

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