For 2018/19, over 300 children participate weekly in 27 activities as part of the METNS extra-curricular activities programme.

 Guidelines for Parents / Guardians

  • Please complete fully the enrolment form for the extra curricular activities. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the PTA extra curricular co-ordinator of any change in the contact details and/or health matters.
  • Children may not attend a session if they are not enrolled as they are not covered by insurance.
  • It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure the child gets to the extra curricular activity. The PTA will not take responsibility for transfer from school to activity and it is not the responsibility of the PTA if your child fails to attend a class.
  • Children are not allowed to run up and down the stairs and around the interior and exterior of the school. Children attending an indoor activity should line up outside the hall in an orderly fashion. The teacher will collect them from this assembly point. For the outdoor activities children should either line up at the basketball court or at the entrance of the school pitch.
  • Please read through and remind the children of the attached Code of Behaviour for extra curricular activities. In addition all children partaking in sporting activities will be expected to learn to play within the spirit of fair play. Fair play is defined as: “much more than playing within the rules. It incorporates the concept of friendships, respect for others and always playing within the right spirit… It incorporates issues concerned with the elimination of cheating, gamesmanship… unequal opportunities…”
  • Please let the extra curricular co-coordinator know of any special needs your child may have in order that we can put in place the necessary support.
  • Children should be picked up promptly. Persistent lateness may lead to your child being excluded from the activity. Children attending indoor activities will be brought to the front door of the school for collection by their parents/guardians. Children using the outdoor pitch should be picked up at the pitch. With parental permission children may go home on their own, but they must inform their teacher.
  • Please contact the extra curricular co-ordinator a.s.a.p. if you are unhappy with any aspect of the activity or the instruction etc.
  • Please sign the enrolment form to indicate that you have read these guidelines.

Guidelines for Children

Although school day is over school rules and codes of behaviour still apply- for example no mobile phones are allowed at extra curricular activities. Reminder:

  • Kind hands, feet and words
  • Stop look and listen
  • Do your best and let others do the same
  • Show respect at all times to all those people and things around you.

Persistent breaking of rules will lead to children being asked to leave the activity!

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