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Welcome everyone to the Green Team page for 2016-17.

We have a team elected for this year and we are busy working on our 6th green flag, Global Citizenship, Litter and waste. The aim is to review and expand the theme of litter and Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, and to include a global dimension to it. We are looking at how much litter the countries all around the world produce, and we see that as each country becomes better off, more waste and litter is produced. We are looking at how much blue paper we use and waste each day and truing to reduce the waste. We have been weighing our landfill waste, and we produce 13-14kg of waste per day. We are hoping to reduce that to 10kg per day.
We have planted up to 1000 bulbs all around the school, all free from Woodies. Thank you Woodies! They will start to make the front and back of our school really beautiful very soon.
We have put up nest boxes for our birds. We hope that some of the bluetits and robins find the boxes and build their nests there. Last year we had a family of bluetits raised in our back garden.

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