Dear Parents and Guardians,

As a parent, having my children participate in an Educate Together school is very important to me. The schools are built on an ethos that celebrates equally the value and potential of every child regardless of their religious, social or cultural background and I really love the experience my children are having there.

Recently, I was on the Marian Finucane radio show talking about Educate Together. I am delighted to be the ambassador for the Educate Together 120 national campaign to open 30 more equality-based schools. At the moment, there are 23,000 students in Educate Together , but shockingly we have another 23,000 on our waiting lists. To meet demand, we need to open more schools.

Despite what we hear reported sometimes, education is not free in Ireland. The state only part-fund our schools, and it’s up to organisations like Educate Together to fill the gap. It costs an average of €83,000 for Educate Together to open a new school and only 25% of that is provided by the state. Educate Together relies substantially on the generosity of supporters like you and me, as it must fundraise to foot the bill of opening new schools.

Educate Together has launched its 120 campaign to ensure that every family of every type, in every corner of Ireland, that want to send their child to an Educate Together school can do so, but it won’t be able to do this without the financial support of those who believe in our cause.

Educate Together is a charity. The Irish people are very generous and we all have different causes that we care about and want to support. So, I am calling on parents and families like me who have had amazing experiences of Educate Together schools, to make Educate Together their charitable cause. I hope that you will join me if you can, and become a supporter of Educate Together. You can find out how to get involved or make a donation on

All the best,

Lenny Abrahamson
Educate Together Parent, Filmmaker, and Educate Together 120 Ambassador
Equity House, 16/17 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7
01 – 429 2500

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