The children in 6A discussed how it felt to be on stage and to perform. They then wrote poems to reflect that. Each child recited their poem to the rest of the class and the class then voted on the five they liked best… which is why we have seven!

METNS Musical Medley 

By Hannah 6A 


Seeing the light unlike the night, 

Made me nervous. 

Feeling the beat of heavy feet , 

Banging some more. 

Hearing the clapping 

Quite like tapping of rain 

Hitting the floor. 

Tasting the fresh air 

Better than in there, 

Walking out the door. 

We were champions . 

We are champions . 


Now and before. 


METNS Musical Medley

By Ellie


Nervous shivers

Excitement rising, hearts pumping

Muffled singing from the other performers.

Blinding light as I hop on stage

Thundering claps

Sound breaks but as we begin

All nerves perish.

I begin to feel Freddie

Foot stamping to the beat

Joy, as voices begin to raise

Bodies begin to sweat

Singing our hearts out to the last beat

Stepping off to feel cold air

As clapping becomes softer.


METNS Musical Medley

by Johnny 6a


Around the corner from the hall

Half of us thinking we would have a ball

The other half as white as a page,

But we all ended up on the stage.

Feeling my heart pound

Was quite the frightening sound.

Then we started

And it sounded great.

Thankfully my parents were not late.

I was sad it ended .

But glad I got to go to bed.





METNS Musical Medley

By Sibeal


Mind buzzed with “I won’t care,

I won’t care when the music blares”

Why was everyone making a big deal?

Then it hit me

It just got real

An overwhelming wave of excitement,

But later a cooling enlightenment

Nervous but calm

The applause rang

Then under the hot yellow lights

6A sang with all their might.

METNS Musical Medley

By Franky


As nervous as a baby bird

Learning how to fly

Sweat poured down my face

As scared as a deer getting

Hunted by a tiger.

I stood and faced my fear.

As the stage lights turn on

I’m standing there

As stressed as a parent going

Christmas Shopping.

We began to sing

Feeling more confident

As We Go.

METNS Musical Medley

By Charlie


Under the lights.

There might be a moment of fright,

But it’s your night.

And as the fright grows

You’ll want to explode

But it won’t show.

As music starts to go

No time to ponder

Or for your mind to wander

Off we go

Voices start to grow

Your confidence starts to show

Not even in control

Before you know

The lights start to go

As you part with the crowd

You’ll feel quite proud.

For a moment it goes silent,

Then it shows.

The audience start to explode,

An eruption of cheering,

You might get teary,

Though you’ll feel quite weary.

You’ll know the night has to go,

You’ll never regret the show.

Even though you had a moment of fright

It’s nothing compared to being “Under The Lights”.

METNS Musical Medley

By Sophie



Birds walking into a room of cats

Scared but excited.

The cats could not hurt them

But control them.

The birds went on display for

The cats to see.

The drums pounding

Piano playing

They sang their song.

The crow tried to sing but

All that came out was a squeak.

They kept going determined

The black feathers glistened in

The stage light.

The more they tried the better they became.

Black to White

The feathers charged.

The birds left the hot stage and into the cold breeze

Her hair swayed in the wind

Her eyes shined in the light

And the cats cheering.

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