Did you know that Vikings didn’t wear horned helmets? Would you guess that Viking men spent most of their time farming?

Here in third class we investigated how the Vikings lived and the traditions they had. After we brushed up our knowledge we undertook to design and construct our own Viking houses. There were four steps to make our houses:


Step 1: Draw a blueprint (this means drawing a plan of what we want our house to look like)

Step 2: Think about the materials needed to build the house and gather them.

Step 3: Build the Viking house (this means through trial, error and success constructing our houses piece by piece).

Step 4: Decorate our houses


Everyone made houses with different designs and materials. Some of the materials used included clay, hay, twigs, lollypop sticks, paint, paper, cardboard, toilet roll holders, egg cartons and much more. It was great fun and we all enjoyed this building task. Look at the sizes, shapes and slopes from some of our  Viking houses below.

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