On 13th December 2019 we received the heart-shattering news that our classmate and good friend Samuel Roquette had passed away due to leukemia after getting it a second time. We were all extremely devastated and are now trying to get used to being in our class without him.
He was a great person, pure of heart and loved by all. Samuel liked pizza, sweets, Lego, Star Wars, stop motion, football, listening to music, cooking and minions. He supported Chelsea FC and many of the boys have bought Chelsea jerseys with his name on the back.
We are doing many things to remember him, one of these is that we have been making friendship bracelets which we will sell at the end of the year and donate the money to Cancer Research and to Blood Bikes.
Finley, Finn, Conor, Rhea, Joe and Annabel W

On Friday the 31st of January, we took the 75 bus up to Marley Park to meet Deborah, Casey’s mum, and to visit her studio.
We went outside and got inspiration from chickens, budgies, parrots and peacocks that were there and then we went back inside to paint them.
Deborah also got us DELICIOUS cinnamon buns!
After we had eaten, the class had a big game of hide and seek tag in the garden. It was so much fun.
We would like to thank Deborah so much, it was a good way to end January.
By Ella, Sophia, Alice and Freya.

We wrote stories for our little buddies. The stories were inspired by a creature that we created from the shape of our initials in art.
We wrote the stories about an adventure that our creature went on and we drew pictures and illustrations and designed a cover for our books.
Afterwards, we read our books to our buddies and their friends.
By Ava, Annabel S. Jessica, Fia and Linus

Both 6th classes are doing SCIENCE BLAST which is when you submit a question and then have to try and answer it scientifically. Our question in 6B is ‘How can we power a small model car using sustainable energy?’
We are working in five groups to answer this question and each group is trying to design a different type of car.
The cars we are designing are:
A wind powered car, a solar powered car, a rubber band – wind-up car, a balloon powered car and a car powered by fruit!
We will be presenting the results of our experiments and our finished designs on March 4th at the R.D.S.
By Casey, Lilly, Simon and Emily


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