6B - Chrissie Stokes - 2019/20

About Our Class

There are 26 people in our class. Ten are boys and sixteen are girls!!!! We speak 11 other languages as well as English and we have 16 different nationalities in our immediate families. We also have half of three sets of twins in our class.

Here are some interesting facts about 6B…

One of us has a dent in our finger and another has lead stuck in a finger.
One of us can put 21 grapes in their mouth.
One of us can play music on our hands.
One of us used to have six cats……but now has three!
One of us can hold 30 salted liquorices in their mouth.
One of us has been in a cage with lions.
One of us had their tongue shortened and one of us can fold their tongue…thrice!
One of us has shoes that can be seen from space!
One of us is a dictionary and one of us is a calculator.
Some of us are humans.
Can you guess who we are?

Our teacher’s name is Chrissie Stokes.


Audrey Hanney is the SNA for our class.


Our class is located in Room 15.


Please call the office on (01) 230 3696 or email the office.

Classwork from Home

We as a staff are going to structure some daily school work for the children. If you have time to engage with it, please use it. If not, there is absolutely no obligation to do so. If you are trying to work from home and have no time to sit with the children, set them the tasks that will make your life easier. None of this work is compulsory!

Recent Class News

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