Windows to the Soul

MCA Halloween 2020 Fundraiser

Halloween is a time of harvest, of celebration and of gathering resources for the winter days that are coming. We are inviting families to design a Halloween window or seasonal image.

Upload a photo before 31st October!

Winter Cards Online Purchase

MCA Winter Cards 2020

Very soon we will be inviting each pupil in the school to design their own celebration card, with each card depicting their traditional celebration or celebratory event.

More details to follow!

COVID-19 Information

Coming back to school

‘Return to School’ videos for children, back to school advice for parents and advice on spotting the symptoms of COVID-19, accessing medical support plus ways to help protect your child.

Click the button below for more information!

Stationery / Book Bills & Pencil Case Lists

2020/21 Academic Year

All books will be purchased by the school for the 2020/21 academic year. Parents will reimburse the school directly for these books.

All payments are due before Friday 25th September 2020!

METNS School Blog Posts

Some recent posts from our School Blog

Learn Together to Live Together.

Monkstown Educate Together National School strives to create a happy, safe, inclusive and nurturing environment where the uniqueness of each child is celebrated. We aim to provide a space where children are educated and where all members of the school community can grow, develop and achieve their full potential. We aspire to excellence in an atmosphere of respect, openness and joy.



METNS is a child-centred learning community, where the uniqueness of each child is celebrated. Each child’s abilities, needs, pace of learning and individuality are recognised and respected. Each child is encouraged and supported to develop their signature strengths and to achieve their full potential.


We uphold, respect and accept equality of beliefs, whether religious or non-religious, and we celebrate cultural diversity of children, parents/guardians, staff and members of the wider community. We are inclusive, and through promoting an appreciation of diversity, we strive to ensure that no child or family is an outsider and that children ‘learn together to live together’.


At METNS, we work towards maximising the potential for building a genuine partnership between the professional, objective role of the teacher and the necessarily personal involvement of the parent/ guardian in their child’s education.  Our school community emphasises individual and collective responsibility for the children’s education, for the financial and practical support of the school, for discipline, for communication and for the on-going development of the school.


We aim to provide a balanced environment, which does not favour one gender over the other or promote gender stereotypes.  We are also committed to fostering respect, understanding and friendship between girls and boys.


Our Guide to Ethos

In Monkstown Educate Together National School, our characteristic spirit or ethos permeates every interaction, influences our decision making, and guides our plans and policies.  We hope that this guide will help you to deepen your understanding of this system, and to join us in shaping our pupils’ learning experience now and in the future.

Value of the Month

METNS Community Blog Posts

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